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Salathe Smile Points

Introducing...Salathe Smile Points!

Our brand new patient point system- for our patients of all ages! There are many ways to earn points and lots of exciting prizes for kids and adults alike. Just come in for your regularly scheduled appointments and watch the points add up! Spend them on something small or save them up for something big- the choice is yours!

Show up on time, like our Facebook page, complete treatment, have an appliance placed, nominate your classroom by writing a short essay, keep track of your brushing & flossing with a monthly calendar- these are just a few of the ways that you can earn points! 

Additional points may be awarded at Dr. Salathe's discretion!


*Prizes are subject to change. Prizes shown below are examples. Availability of prizes shown not guaranteed.*




Gift cards, gum, lotion, wine (*21 years of age or older), various games and more! 


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